Large-scale WebGL-powered data visualization

Website Github Repo Documentation is a WebGL-powered framework specifically designed for exploring and visualizing data sets on-the-fly and at scale. It allows complex visualizations to be constructed by composing existing layers and makes it easy to package and share new visualizations as reusable layers. By emulating 64-bit floating point computations in the GPU, renders datasets with unparalleled accuracy and performance. is a great match for React, supporting efficient WebGL rendering under the React programming paradigm. When used with Mapbox GL, it automatically coordinates with the Mapbox GL camera system to provide compelling 2D and 3D visualizations on top of Mapbox GL-based maps. 4.0 updates include:

  • Extending beyond maps to non-geospatial visualizations, including machine learning and abstract data visualization (graphs, networks, etc.) use cases.
  • Making easier to use for developers by providing more comprehensive (and interactive!) docs, standalone examples, new and advanced demos, and an upgrade guide from 3.0.

Learn more about and 4.0 on the Uber Engineering Blog, and install the framework to start exploring your own data sets.