MVC framework in Swift

Github Repo

Jetstream is an elegant model-view-controller (MVC) framework written in Swift. Out of the box, it incorporates a single Websocket transport adapter with the ability to add custom transport adapters. Jetstream’s modular architecture is capable of both change and fire-and-forget observations, a synchronization protocol to quickly and efficiently create multi-user applications, and comprehensive unit test coverage. Jetstream also includes support for the Jetstream Sync protocol for integrating local and remote models.

Used in conjunction with Jetstream, the Jetstream Sync server framework for Node.js brokers syncing Jetstream models over the Jetstream Sync protocol by using JSON to send messages between the client and server. The server framework can integrate a shared set of models between many clients, host client and server message acknowledgement and resend capabilities, and synchronize and validate changesets with downstream services. Jetstream features test coverage functionality to identify testing deficiencies and optimize codebase maintenance.

Visit the Jetstream Github page to get started.