A high-powered framework for GPU-based data visualization and computation

Website Github Repo Documentation is a data visualization framework that enables efficient rendering of large datasets. It simplifies the use of WebGL by providing an easy-to-use API that enables abstractions to be built seamlessly on top of the platform. utilizes visualization techniques such as visualization techniques include instancing, picking, and cubemaps that incorporate WebGL2 and general-purpose computing on graphics processing units (GPGPU).

The framework efficiently creates, organizes, and debugs shader code, enabling crisp, clear, and precise dataset rendering, as well as support for WebGL and GLSL shaders. All components of the tool work with a standard WebGLRenderingContext and can be used with components from other frameworks (e.g. When used in conjunction with, Uber’s large-scale, open source WebGL-powered data visualization framework, can facilitate the rendering of 3D map visualization overlays.

To get started, check out the documentation hub.