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Fullscreen Control

Since v4.1

This is a React equivalent of Mapbox's FullscreenControl.

import {Component} from 'react';
import ReactMapGL, {FullscreenControl} from 'react-map-gl';

class Map extends Component {
  render() {
    const {viewport, updateViewport} = this.props;
    return (
      <ReactMapGL {...viewport} onViewportChange={updateViewport}>
        <div style={{position: 'absolute', right: 0}}>
          <FullscreenControl container={document.querySelector('body')}/>


container (HTMLElement)

container is the compatible DOM element which should be made full screen. By default, the map container element will be made full screen.


Like its Mapbox counterpart, this control relies on the mapbox-gl stylesheet to work properly. Make sure to add the stylesheet to your page.